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LoginGenie Social Login App will give your customers a very smooth and hassle-free buying experience. LoginGenie makes it easier for your customers to log-in/register their account using popular social networks in a single click, which eventually improves the conversion rate. LoginGenie helps you to eliminate the login registration and verification process and make keep customers focused on buying the desired items.
It reduces the sign-in/registration time and effort and significantly improves CRO. Now your customer does not have to fill in the long registration form and go through a cumbersome email verification process. Customers can now log-in/register using the social network of their choice.
You just have to add SocialGenie App to your store and it will automatically integrate itself with your store. LoginGenie is having a highly customizable UI using handy back end options.

All Topics:-

Steps to Enable/Disable the app

Steps to Remove whitelabel from popup

Disable Popup Login

Disable the Shopify Default Login Form

Steps to Redirect to Specific Page after Login

Setup your own API Keys for Social Platforms

Disable all other Social Except some

Key Features:- 

  • Modal/Popup Login From any Page
  • Choose From over 20+ Social networks
  • Automatic code Installation
  • Customizable login widget
  • Custom API key option

Social Platforms - There are 20+ Social Platforms to choose from enable disable them any time and let your customers do fast login and checkout.

Modal/Popup Login - You can enable popup login so that your store customer can login from any page.

Customizable Widgets - You can customize the wordings, design of your Modal/Popup login and Login Widget on account page.

Easy to setup - It has easy to configure a one-click setup along with automatic installation on themes.

User Friendly UI - It has a clean and easy-to-understand UI that is comfortable for all users and also it's easy to use.

Quick Support - If you face any difficulty anywhere we are here to help you, just click on the chat icon in app and send your query we will Resolve your Query as soon as possible.

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