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ShopQR is a robust tool to generate scannable QR codes for product and checkout URLs that leads customers directly to checkout. It will help you improve conversion rates by making it easy for your customers to scan and buy your product with a single click. You can generate QR and either share it on social media or print it.

All Topics:-
Steps to Generate Basic QR Code

Steps to Generate Direct Checkout QR Code
Steps to fix Shopqr App Options Not visible on Product Page
Steps to Delete a QR Code
Steps to Generate QR Code from Product Page

Key Features:-
  • Generate QR codes for products
  • Generate QR codes for checkout URLs.
  • Share generated QR's on Social media.
  • Download printable QR in SVG format.

Generate Awesome QR - Generate awesome QR codes using ShopQR App by using the QR Code Builder to attract your customers.

Boost Your Sells - Boost sales by sharing product QR on social media using the direct share Icons in the QR Code builder.

Easy Scan and Checkout - Create Simple Scan to Checkout QR Codes with discount or without discount.

Easy to setup - It has easy to configure a one-click Install and Uninstall Option.

User Friendly UI - It has a clean and easy-to-understand UI that is comfortable for all users and also it's easy to use.

Quick Support - If you face any difficulty anywhere we are here to help you, just click on the chat icon in app and send your query we will Resolve your Query as soon as possible.

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